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Newcomers Club
of Amelia Island Florida
PO Box 16242
Fernandina Beach, FL 32035-3121

Welcome Visitors and Members of the Newcomers Club, we hope you find the information you need on this site.


President’s Message 
I always look forward to August. I consider it the laziest time of the year. It’s too hot outside to do much of anything so I don’t feel guilty about just relaxing in a chair under the cabana at the beach and reading, occasionally going for a dip in the ocean and back to my chair to take a little nap. The kids will be back in school soon and visitors to the island will slow down. It will be a stark contrast from last month when the island was packed for the 4th of July celebrations and continued throughout the month. I think our little island has been found!
       While some of our groups took a hiatus for June and July, most are returning this month. July was a great month and August has much to offer as well. Check out whether your favorite activity is back and what we have in store for you this month!
      Remember in last month’s newsletter I talked about how, in 1997, the membership was split into two groups? Group I was for new members up to 4 years and Group II for members 4 years and longer as a way to handle a growing membership. Well, here’s the rest of the story. A concern on how to handle a growing membership continued to the year 2000 and prompted President Barbara Heyl and the Executive Board to make some decisions regarding the future of the club.
      In April of 2000, a survey was sent to the membership asking for input in the following areas. The first issue was to determine the purpose of the club. The choices were to keep the name of the club and purpose of the club the same even though it might mean limiting the length of the membership; turn the club into a social club with a new name or combine the newcomers and social club concept which would mean keeping the club with the main purpose of service to newcomers but rename the club to recognize the “Newcomer and Social Club” aspects which would evolve by allowing members to remain members indefinitely.
      The second issue was to determine eligibility for membership. Should Newcomers Club memberships continue to be limited to new residents who ask to join within two years of moving to Fernandina or should it be expanded to include part-time residents and/or long-time residents whose lifestyles have changed and now have time to participate in newcomer activities?
      The third issue was to determine the length of membership keeping in mind that the length of membership would affect the size of the club. They were asked to vote on 4 years, 6 years, 10 years or no limit. Results of the survey were returned with an overwhelming response that the Newcomer and Social Club aspects should be combined; allow membership to be expanded to include part-time residents and those long time residents whose lifestyles have changed in some way and to have no limit on membership length.
      This was approved at the October 2000 business meeting and implemented immediately. Additionally members no longer attended separate luncheons or were categorized in Group I or Group II.
      While our membership continues to grow, there are no plans to change anything about the way our club currently operates. At present there are only two of our activities that consistently have waiting lists due to capacity limits of the venue which would be the case is we had 100 members or 600 members. The Newcomers Club has so many activities and events to offer that hopefully there will always be something for everyone to do.
      Keep on having fun and doing the things you love!
       We welcome you to Amelia Island and Nassau County and wish you a wonderful life while living here!  Newcomers Club of Amelia Island is a local club with the purpose of extending a friendly hand to all women, developing new friendships, and offering social events, activities, and service opportunities in the community. 
       The Club is open to any woman who resides in Nassau County. If you want more information, please contact our 2014 Orientation Chair, Marcia Williver, 321-1867We encourage women interested in joining Newcomers to attend a monthly coffee, usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month. A prospective member may attend one luncheon and/or two meetings or activity groups before joining. For further information about Newcomers Club activities, look at the Activity Groups Information on this site.

Click here to TYPE INTO the 2014 Newcomers Club Membership APPLICATION. Then right click on the application and choose print. Mail it, WITH YOUR DUES CHECK to the Newcomers' address and we'll act on it as soon as we get it. Welcome!

Click here to download 2014 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION file. You may Print the Application, then Fill it out and Mail it in with your dues check. Welcome!

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